Superior quality artificial plants for all of us plant killers!

Graveside Saddle Arrangements

Looking for an arrangement to fit on top of a grave stone? Here are a couple of samples of the saddle style arrangements that can be put together. Customize the colours and seasonal greenery for the arrangement.

Email us at: to inquire about a custom saddle arrangement for your loved one.

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4.5 ft olive tree with white pot. I’ve been looking for so long for a realistic faux olive tree and finally found one! It’s the perfect colour, looks amazing and comes in a beautiful white pot. Great price and great service! They have a beautiful shop and I definitely will be buying more from them! Thank you!

Lyndsay MacNeill

Great experience purchasing from Greens Galore. Purchased greenery from online store. Was not able to pick up items for 2 weeks and they were happy to hold them for me until I could get there. Purchased hanging pots 5 years ago from Greens Galore and they still look as good as new.

Kara Bechard

I always have a 10-star experience at Greens Galore. I find so many unique decor items as well as the most perfect real looking faux greenery to be used around my home, outdoors and I also proudly use their products in my client projects! I have been shopping from Greens Galore for 4 years now and love supporting this local business.

Sabrina Maulucci

I received a faux plant from Greens Galore as a gift last week. It's just lovely, very realistic and excellent quality. I have very little light in my house to grow real plants so I'll be heading there to buy some more to spruce up my house!

Shannon Seney


We carry a non toxic cleaning solution designed to clean
you faux plants. Just spray it liberally and let the dust drip off! If you have
a plant that has really been neglected, take it out side or into the shower for
a more thorough clean. Let air dry.

The short answer is yes.

However, the sun does a lot of damage and the elements will wear them down over time. We cannot tell you how long they will last, as everyone's conditions are different. We suggest using our collection of plants that are UV protected. The UV plants will help prolong the fading, but not eliminate it.

We look at having our faux plants outdoors as
more of a convenience rather than longevity.

You may consider the faux plant option if:

-you are a plant killer -you have allergies -not enough natural light -your pet eats the real thing -you dream of vacation!

Artificial plants are low maintenance, easy to clean, look natural and won't outgrow the space.

We seek out only the highest quality faux plants that are
made of a mix of fabrics, plastic, foam and wire. Trees and select plants are
secured with a concrete and/or foam base

Yes. Our plants are meant to be enjoyed for years and
even decades. It is our practice to create the least amount of waste at our
shop by reusing and recycling as much as we can. You will find that your
package may come in a reused box and paper than can be recycled. We are
conscious of single use plastics, and packaging materials

Since technology has made improvements in texture and colour, our plastic plants seem to be the most realistic faux plants out there.
Plastic plants can be created using molds of real plants and can even be filled with foam for an ultra-realistic quality. Also, some can be weighted to feel like the natural thing. For example, our tulip bundles are weighted to feel as heavy as a real bouquet and they gracefully fall with the heaviness like the real blooms would.

A major benefit to plastic plants is that many of the trendy
house plants in modern home decorating kind of look plastic.
Succulents are a fantastic example — the real ones already look fake, so
the fake ones automatically look real. And, honestly, who doesn’t love
the look of succulents?

Fabric plants more prone to wear-and-tear than fake plants. It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve got a faux fern on your hands when its leaves are frayed or bleached out by the sun. However, there is still something to be said for our classic fabric Ficus or Dracaena Tree!

You may be wanting to change your decor style, move homes
or just need a refresh! There are plenty of ways to re-home your faux plant.
Sell it, gift it or donate it. Many womens shelters, retirement homes and other
community organizations that would be happy to receive a plant to warm up their
establishment- especially for the holiday season.

Faux means made in imitation, artificial, fake. Faux is
the fancy way to say fake

We do out best to wrap your new faux plant baby using new
and reused packing supplies. You may need to “fluff” you plant after being
squished in a box but they are made with quality wire and bendable and will
bounce right back!

You made need to make a little adjustments but you should
be able to just unbox and place your forever plant in its new home and enjoy!


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